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Lessons for a Stronger Marriage from a Lawyer


As a family lawyer, I often wear many hats beyond that of an attorney. When couples are experiencing high emotions and extremely difficult situations, I often have to sit in as a voice of sanity in a challenging setting.

From my many years as a family law attorney dealing with marriage and divorce, I’ve learned more than a few lessons about what it takes to make a happy marriage from a legal perspective. The three items below are those that I’ve identified as the most important things to help strengthen your marriage, from the point of view of a family lawyer.

1. Your Marriage Will Be Happier When You Can See Eye-to-Eye on Moral Issues

A good partner will share the same values as you. This doesn’t necessarily mean a shared religion, as people from different backgrounds can live together blissfully as long as they are open minded and accepting of one another’s religious practices. Rather, this is about understanding and accepting one another’s values.

Couples should do regular reality checks to ensure they are living in line with the things that they value most. For some couples, this may mean trust, and for others it might mean the drive and ambition to work hard. Other values might include kindness, respect, empathy and compassion. It’s important to continually take inventory of what’s more important to you in order to maintain a happy and healthy marriage.

2. Be Able to Openly Discuss Money

Money is often a primary issue that ultimately causes couples to divorce. One spouse may be secretly hiding thousands of dollars in debt from the other, and the two are unable to openly discuss the challenges they are enduring and how best to address them.

Almost all of these financial problems would be resolvable if the couple could openly discuss their finances and work together to make decisions about big purchases such as cars, homes, vacations and retirement savings. If you are unable to openly discuss money with your significant other, it may require counseling for you to surpass this major obstacle that often puts an ending to marriages.

3. Discuss End-of-Life Planning Early, and Often

We never know what the next day holds. That’s why it’s never too early for families to agree on end-of-life planning, including any wills, trusts and directives this planning might entail. Particularly in the cases of blended families or other family structures, including civil unions or common law marriages, the law may not always be in line with your wishes. Therefore, it is incredibly important to ensure this planning is complete before it’s too late, and that you make time to refine these plans as families grow and income levels change.

In doing this, you and your spouse will ensure that your money and assets are secure in where you want them to go, and it will give your significant other one less thing to worry about should anything devastating ever happen to either of you.

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