Paternity & Legitimation

The Legalities of Parenthood

Reese-Beisbier & Associates often assists clients with paternity and legitimation cases.

Paternity cases filed by the child’s mother can establish the right of child support from the father to the child.

Legitimation, filed by the child’s father, results in the child’s recognition as having both a legal mother and legal father. These cases may help either or both parents establish rights for custody, child visitation/parenting time, or child support.

The family law attorneys of Reese-Beisbier & Associates are dedicated to seeking the best results possible for clients who have paternity or legitimation cases.

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In Georgia, a father must file to legitimate a child born out of wedlock in order to establish paternity and file for parenting time. Unfortunately, without filing to establish this, you do not have any rights to your child. It is important to stay involved with your child’s mother throughout pregnancy by assisting with medical bills for the pregnancy and birth and through regular involvement with your child after birth. When you file for legitimation, you should do it as soon as possible after finding out you are going to be a father. If you wait too long, the Court can determine that you abandoned your opportunity interest. As long you have not abandoned your interest and you are a fit parent, you will be determined to be the legitimate father and can then establish a parenting plan to govern custody and visitation. You can also anticipate that a support amount will be established.

In Georgia, you can file to legitimate your child born out of wedlock and in that same action ask the Court to order a paternity test. If the test comes back establishing paternity, you can proceed with the legitimation. If the test determines you are not the father, your action will be dismissed.