It’s More Than a Case.

Reese-Beisbier & Associates starts each new case with a client-focused approach based on accurate and honest legal advice. Each member of our legal team is known for frankness because our primary goal is to protect our clients’ interests based on the facts of each case.

This approach may seem harsh at times, but our clients are best served by a clear understanding of likely outcomes and realistic expectations. At the moment, our clients may not always be comfortable with what they hear, but they always hear the truth.

Reese-Beisbier & Associates empowers clients with the knowledge they need to make sound and thorough decisions. There is never an expectation to follow the advice of our legal team blindly. The final decision at each step of any legal process solely belongs to our client.

While our team is prepared to head into Court if necessary, we want our clients to know all of their options and how they relate to best- and worst-possible outcomes before we do. With this shared knowledge and advice, our clients are empowered to make a fully informed choice to go to court or mediation.

Legal actions are stressful, and no two cases are ever the same. Reese-Beisbier & Associates understands how to tailor our efforts to the needs of every legal teams’ most vital member – our client – and the nuances that are unique to each case.


If you have been served any documents, please bring them to the meeting. Otherwise, please do not feel any pressure to provide anything except the time it takes to fill out a questionnaire and share your story. The initial consultation is an opportunity to meet with a family law attorney and help them understand your legal needs. Based on the information gathered, the attorney will be able to provide immediate advice and ask for additional documents. Schedule an appointment right here from our website by clicking on “schedule an appointment.” Or you can call our office at 678-947-2988.

We recognize that meeting with a family law attorney and going through litigation is stressful, and we encourage you to rely on your family and friends to get you through this difficult time. You are welcome to bring family and friends with you to your initial consultation; however, we recommend that you come to your initial consultation alone to speak with the attorney openly and honestly with no concern that any other parties will share your information. Attorney-client privilege is preserved only in one-on-one meetings between you and a lawyer. If a third party (family member or friend) is present, that privilege does not extend to them, although they can be compelled to testify regarding anything discussed in front of them.

It is difficult to predetermine the total cost of legal representation. The total cost will be affected by the specific details of your case, the cooperation of the opposing party and their attorney, and your cooperation, as well. At your initial consultation, you will be quoted an amount to have a Reese-Beisbier & Associates attorney on retainer and given an explanation of our billing processes and hourly rates. Your initial retainer's cost is generally set at an amount sufficient to cover the largest single month of expenses we anticipate based on the facts and circumstances of your case. Once received, your retainer is deposited in our escrow account and drawn upon only to pay your monthly bill (including costs and fees) as earned. You will receive a detailed monthly bill showing you what work was done on your case, who did it, and how long it took. You are required to pay your bill monthly to replenish the retainer to its initial amount. Once your case is concluded, any unearned fees remaining in escrow will be returned to you. The entire legal team at Reese-Beisbier & Associates will be working on your case. By having paralegals, associate attorneys, and senior attorneys each work on different aspects of your case, we can keep your legal matter moving efficiently and save you money on legal costs.

Unfortunately, family law litigation costs money. If you do not have the funds available to pay your retainer and monthly costs, you may have to finance it through credit cards or loans from family or friends. Reese-Beisbier & Associates is not able to finance litigation through a payment plan.