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Reese-Beisbier & Associates is well-versed in child support laws. Whether a need arises as part of a divorce action or as a subsequent modification action to change child support, and regardless of whether our client is receiving or paying child support, our family law experts can assist them in getting a fair and accurate child support figure.

Though child support is calculated using an online calculator, our firm understands that income is not always clear and that all of the financial needs of the child(ren) matter. Income can come from several sources for child support purposes, and Reese-Beisbier & Associates knows how to work with everyone involved to ensure that all income is counted.

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When determining child support, the fact finder (judge or jury) must first determine the gross (before taxes) income of both parents. Generally speaking, once income amounts are determined, the fact finder determines the cost of medical insurance for the child(ren) and which parent will pay for it. Additional costs including but not limited to work-related childcare, extraordinary costs for medical expenses and activities will change the finalized child support amounts. Georgia courts use their own Child Support Calculator to determine the base amount. The calculator is available online at

In Georgia, you can file to modify child support upward or downward. To do so, you must prove that there has been a substantial change in income and financial circumstances of either party or the needs of the child(ren) since the entry of the last order. A person may file a modification action two years or more after a previous modification order was entered.

In Georgia, you can file to modify child support downward based on loss of employment by no fault of the payor. For circumstances like these, the law ensures that a payor of child support is treated fairly and is given a hearing as soon as possible. Your child support may not accrue at the current rate after the action is served on the receiving parent, so it is important to get the case filed and served as soon as possible.