Dealing with Failures to Follow Family Law Court Orders

Court orders need to be followed. When a party fails to follow a court order like payment of child support or alimony, provision of health insurance, adherence to a Parenting Plan, etc., the Court can use its powers of contempt to re-establish and ensure compliance.

Reese-Beisbier & Associates advises clients about contempt issues that arise after a family law order has been entered by the Court. When the opposing party is not complying as ordered, our firm acts quickly to assist clients who need help enforcing the order by filing the appropriate action – including a request for attorney’s fees – and seeking relief as quickly as the law provides.

Responding to an Allegation of Failure to Follow a Court Order

When a Reese-Beisbier & Associates client is accused of failing to follow a court order, our expert family law team can provide representation that assures they are allowed to respond to the allegation. Clients have rights even when a Motion for Contempt has been filed against them. There may be a legal excuse for failure to follow the order, and there may be remedies to change obligations. Even if there is no other option than to do as ordered,  every client deserves representation by a legal team who will help them understand their rights and responsibilities throughout any legal proceedings.

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