Why Mediation?

Mediation offers those going through a legal conflict the opportunity to resolve matters out of court, saving time, money, and needless stress. At Reese-Beisbier & Associates, our trained and certified mediators work closely with both parties to reach a resolution without litigation. We are trained and certified to mediate both civil and domestic cases.

What Should I Expect During Mediation?

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution conducted by a trained and experienced third party called a mediator. Unlike a judge or arbitrator, a mediator is not a decision-maker. A mediator is a facilitator who works with both parties and helps them reach a mutually agreeable settlement.

At mediation, clients are expected to work diligently toward reaching a settlement on all issues that need to be resolved. During mediation, it is common for all parties to meet together for some of the time and to split apart for others. The mediator usually moves between rooms to gather information and exchange proposals.

Mediators are primarily facilitators; however, every mediator is also well-trained in reality testing. This skill gets both parties thinking hard about whether or not a movement in their negotiation position would benefit settlement.

The cost of the mediator’s services is usually split equally by the parties – unless an agreement or Court order is otherwise providing – and paid after the mediation.

Mediation is a great way to resolve a case! Even the most contentious cases and litigious parties sometimes settle at mediation. Any opportunity to keep control over the outcome of a case (rather than leaving it to a judge or jury to decide) is considered an opportunity to achieve the best possible outcome.

Resolve Disputes Quickly & Effectively.