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How to Protect Yourself and Your Finances if Your Spouse is Cheating


In July, America erupted in a social media firestorm as it became evident that the website Ashley Madison, which was created specifically to help married people cheat on their spouses, suffered a data breach that threatens to expose the personal information of its 37 million users.

The hack brings to light a difficult issue in the legal realm: that of a cheating spouse. Because most couples don’t agree to prenups that dictate what happens if one spouse is caught cheating on the other, these individuals are often forced to work out the details after the cheating has occurred and the affair is exposed. In particular, cheating can have significant ramifications in the case of child custody.

However, if you suspect your partner may be cheating, there are steps you can take to help protect yourself and your assets should your marriage be headed for divorce. Here are some of our top tips from the team at Reese-Beisbier & Associates.

It’s Not Too Late for a Prenup

In this modern era where digital technology and social media make cheating easier than ever, it’s often a wise idea to get a prenup regardless of whether you think your spouse may actually cheat. The reality is that no one knows what the future holds, and even the most loving and compassionate relationship can go sour in the wake of financial hurdles or other difficulties. Having an agreement drafted in advance of difficult times can help you protect your assets further down the line.

Refrain from Snooping

Going through your significant other’s text messages, email and other personal communications is a common impulse if you believe your spouse may be cheating, but doing so can have serious legal and sometimes criminal consequences if done without consent. Laws vary from state to state and are changing all the time, so in any case it’s best to exercise caution and refrain from engaging in this behavior entirely.

Educate Yourself in Your Family’s Finances

Regardless of whether you are the primary breadwinner or the person who holds the most decision-making power as to how to spend money, one of the greatest ways to protect your assets is to educate yourself as to where your money is being spent and where debts have arisen. Remaining in the dark about these matters can leave you vulnerable should divorce proceedings be on the horizon, and you may later find your cheating spouse invested in assets that you weren’t aware of, simply to hide assets from you during divorce proceedings.

Contact an Attorney

Even if you don’t believe your marriage is headed for divorce, consulting with an attorney will give you a full overview of your rights. It’s worth it to spend the time to sit down with someone who can review your finances and let you know where you stand should a legal battle commence.

The attorneys at Reese-Beisbier & Associates have years of experience litigating complicated divorce cases. If you are ready to contact a leading divorce attorney who can help guide you through complex divorce laws, contact our firm at (678) 947-2988.

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