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We Proudly Announce E. Lauren Ducharme as a New Partner of Reese-Beisbier & Associates


Reese-Beisbier & Associates is proud to welcome E. Lauren Ducharme as the firm’s newest partner. Through her hard work and dedication to the practice of law, Ducharme has solidified her place as one of the top family law attorneys in the region, with her status as a firm partner rightfully earned. Ducharme will be playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of Reese-Beisbier & Associates as the firm continues to grow and expand.

Ducharme began her foray into family law practice at a mere seventeen years old. At that time, she worked in a legal assistant role at a firm in Cumming, Ga., prompting her to consider law as a future career. After attending the University of Georgia and moving to New York to attend Pace Law School, she returned to Georgia to begin her trajectory as a family law attorney.

Upon returning to Georgia, she took on an attorney position with a family law firm. It was while working there that she found herself face-to-face with Tera Reese-Beisbier in the courtroom, as the two were adversaries against one another in a family law case. When the case was complete, Reese-Beisbier surprised Durcharme by complimenting her and eventually inviting her to join Reese-Beisber & Associates. In 2009, Ducharme joined the firm and hasn’t looked back, with the aspirations of joining as a partner always on her radar.

One of Ducharme’s defining moments with Reese-Beisber stems from an experience she had early on with the firm, when the two litigated a case together.

“Within the first year I came to work with her, we tried a custody case that was really fun for us,” she says. “I learned a lot. It was one of the first contested custody cases I’d had under Tera. I got to prepare it and try it with her, and I knew I was in the right spot at that point. I like how she practices and I liked how she prepared for the case.”

Reflecting on her time with Reese-Beisbier & Associates, Ducharme is consistently impressed by the team efforts that continue to lead to the firm’s success.

“I really like working with this group, and we have a great dynamic in the office. I feel really lucky to get to work with such a close knit group of people,” she says.

As the firm grows, the team is looking at expanding its mediation practice. Mediation allows parties to come to their own solutions, and each case gets a level of attention that’s simply not possible when being litigated in front of a judge. Ducharme, like Reese-Beisbier, is a certified and registered mediator.

“Making mediation a bigger part of our business is an exciting idea,” she says. “It’s a good service and it makes you feel good to be part of that process. I think it’s an exciting aspect of the business we’re growing, and I know Tera is excited about it, too.”

Ducharme says she is thrilled to be taking on the partner role at such a highly regarded law firm.

“We’re a good firm, and we have that reputation throughout the region. I think that’s really important and I take a lot of pride in that. Other attorneys view us as very prepared and very reasonable,” she says.

On behalf of everyone at Reese-Beisbier & Associates, we are honored to welcome Ducharme onboard as a firm partner.

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