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This Could Get Ugly: Why You Need a Divorce Attorney


Divorce can be emotionally draining, difficult and complex. And, perhaps most importantly, it can be expensive. It’s tempting to try to resolve matters with your soon-to-be ex on your own and without assistance from an attorney, but in doing so you could be doing yourself a great disservice. Sometimes, couples who get along during the divorce process suddenly find themselves angry and at odds on a single issue that would have been easily resolved with help from a lawyer.

If you’re contemplating a divorce but aren’t sure you’re ready to spend money on an attorney, here are some reasons why you may want to rethink your strategy.

Your Attorney Can Prevent Costly Mistakes

Often, people who opt not to get attorneys involved in the divorce process end up poorly negotiating their divorces, causing them to spend far more money in the long term than they might otherwise. Small mistakes can cost big time if left unchecked, and isn’t worth it to be left holding the bill because you decided against getting professional guidance.

An Experienced Lawyer Can Provide Expert Advice

The legal system can be tricky to navigate, but an expert attorney with experience litigating divorces can help walk you through the process easily and painlessly. For many people, this reason alone is enough to enlist professional help when trying to understand the complexities of divorce law.

A Lawyer Can Protect You In the Case of a Lying or Vindictive Spouse

Perhaps the best reason to get a lawyer is in the case where you think a partner might be lying to you or is being vindictive about the divorce. In these cases, it’s best to work with someone with the knowledge and expertise to look critically at situations and draft documentation in ways that protect you from manipulation or other bullying tactics. This can be particularly vital in cases where there are children involved, as bitter spouses may be inclined to use the children as leverage against one another instead of focusing on what’s best for the little ones.

In moving forward with your divorce, remember that quick fixes like do-it-yourself documents, while legally binding, don’t take into consideration the precise circumstances of your particular situation. This is why it is universally better to get the opinion of an attorney on all divorce matters that may have a bearing on your future.

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