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Tech Tools to Help You Through Your Divorce


Recently, Oregon Live reported on a new startup company called Wevorce, which is designed to help divorcing couples walk through the tricky divorce process. Using a mix of collaboration and mediation and driven with a technology focus, the tool is designed to provide a family focused path through divorce. It’s being championed as a needed tool in helping to simplify the divorce process, and has even received $1.7 million in funding last year.

While we don’t believe that an app or technology tool should replace the act of hiring a professional attorney or mediator to help prevent complex divorce issues, we see the value in using technology as a tool to make things easier when couples decide to split. As the use of digital technology continues to rise, so too will the number of ways we can improve on the divorce process to help create effective plans that take into consideration each partner’s needs. We’re seeing more and more tools covering all aspects of divorce, including child support and custody issues.

For instance, Our Family Wizard is a tech tool that was created to supplement to traditional child custody arrangements. The wizard is a one-stop shop for custody schedules, expenses and all other things associated with sharing joint custody of a child. The tool even allows parents to transfer money from their accounts to split the costs of family expenses as they see fit, so there’s no confusion about the fairness of the amounts the parents are spending on the growth and development of their children.

And, when it comes to child support, people are looking to Support Pay to help them understand how to best manage and share child expenses. Because budgeting and managing these expenses can be difficult and time consuming, a tool like this can take some of the difficulty and confusion out of calculating shared expenses to ensure the parties are paying the right amounts for the care of their children.

Even an app like Divorce Coping Tip of the Day can add a daily dose of advice to your divorce and can inspire you to keep your head up when you’re feeling down. Once a day, it’ll ping you with messages that remind you that you’re not alone in the divorce process.

These types of tools can become an integral part of helping families learn how to work with one another in support of the best interests of the child. They can be fantastic supplements to working with a lawyer or trained mediator, and we hope to see even more tools like this in the future.

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