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Legal Food Frenzy!!!!!

Reese-Beisbier & Associates is proud to announce the firm’s invovlement in the Legal Food Frenzy this year. Over the next two weeks, April 22-May 3, 2013, Lawyers and firms state-wide are gathering food and funds for Georgia’s needy. Did you know that nearly 60% of Georgia’s public school children are eligible for free and reduced lunch? The Legal Food Frenzy provides food to these children during the summer months when schools are closed, to help families with children who may otherwise go hungry during these months.

To assist these families and this great cause, the firm would like to encourage clients who are coming by the firm to drop off canned or boxed foods. The most needed items are Peanut Butter, Canned Tuna, Canned Beans, Canned Soups, Stews, Pastas, 100% Fruit Juice, Canned fruits, Vegtables, Macaroni, Cheese dinners, Whole Grains and Low Sugar Cereals. Additionally, if you schedule a consultation with our firm during this drive, the firm is going to donate 25% of your consultation fee to the Legal Food Frenzy. Please stop by and drop off some canned goods to serve Georgia’s hungry.

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