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Inclement Weather and Divorce

In this blog post we will discuss something that many parents do not even think about until the situation has occurred. You are a recently divorced mother of a 4 year old child. The child’s father has visitation every other weekend, and his weekend is this weekend. He lives 30 minutes away from you and your Divorce Decree states that you will meet him at a police station halfway to exchange the child. The weatherman (or woman) is predicting the worst winter storm in history to come into town on Friday afternoon and advises against driving that evening. What do you do about the impending visitation?

In cases such as the above, the first thing you should is discuss the situation with the father. Perhaps you can agree to move the visitation to the next weekend, or delay it until Saturday morning once you see how bad the storm really is. If the Father is still insisting that the visitation take place as scheduled, see if he will instead drive to your house to pick the child up because you do not feel safe driving in the bad weather. Under no circumstances should you ever withhold visitation based on the inclement weather, if he insists on coming to get the child you should let him take her for his visit. In most cases, you’ll find that the Father won’t want to endanger the child and you’ll be able to work something out with him.

I hope this little tidbit was useful to all of you divorced parents out there as we head into winter weather season and if you have any family law related questions, please contact our office today for a consultation.

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