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Find a Resolution in the “Money Fight” with a Financial Neutral


At Reese-Beisbier, we encourage both parties during a divorce to work with a financial neutral—an expert in family finances. The use of neutrals during the divorce process will help minimize conflict and resolve the “money fight” efficiently.

A financial neutral can be beneficial to your situation because of several reasons:

  • works fairly and jointly with both parties and attorneys;
  • excludes the emotion and angst out of the process;
  • focuses on the needs of both clients

Prior to the decision of initiating the divorce process, a couple is most likely facing financial disagreements. Once the divorce is filed, it is encouraged by our firm to seek a neutral immediately, and begin finding a solution to these financial problems.

As one of our clients, we will recommend well-known neutrals available in the financial and legal communities in order to find a fair resolution during this process. Although this situation is never as easy, we promise to work towards a solution in the most efficient way by providing the qualified service and partnering with the top professionals.

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