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Common Types of Conflicts that Mediation Can Help Resolve


Throughout the past few decades, mediation has grown from a new and novel way to settle a dispute to a preferred approach to certain types of cases. As legal costs continue to rise and lead to lengthy litigation that can last for years on end, more people are opting to forgo the legal system in favor of mediation.

While it may not be ideal to mediate all types of legal cases, such as extremely complex ones or cases that involve harm or bodily injury, there are several scenarios in which mediation is an ideal solution to help the parties agree to a resolution on their own terms. Here are some of the most common:

Contract Disputes

Mediation is effective because it allows the parties to work together to form a solution. So, if the issue about a sum of money owed as a result of a contract dispute, mediation gives the parties each an opportunity to explain where they felt the breaches occurred, and to discuss the elements of the contract that were properly fulfilled. Where litigation in the case of a contract dispute might result in a long, expensive lawsuit with no guarantee as to which party will win the suit, mediation can end the dispute in hours. The result of a successful mediation is typically a compromise, and the terms of the agreement are confidential.


Not all divorcing couples are good candidates for mediation, but many find they are able to come to agreeable terms without the hassle of litigation. In addition to confidentiality of divorce matters, another reason mediation often works for divorcing couples is because the parties are encouraged to come to resolutions based on their own perceptions of fairness in the situation. Contrast this with the courts, which are often simply forced to apply the law regardless of what may actually be in the best interests of the divorcing parties.

IRS Tax Disputes

In recent years, backlogged government agencies have sought to streamline dispute settlements. One such agency is the IRS, which introduced a mediation program for certain types of tax disputes. In these cases, mediation not only helps the government get through tax cases more quickly, but it also helps individuals avoid the hassle of long, lengthy appeals and substantial legal fees. Click here to learn more abut IRS mediation programs.

If you’re interested in learning whether your dispute might be a strong candidate for mediation, please contact the team at Reese-Beisbier and Association to learn how we can help you. Drawing upon our years of experience with both litigation and mediation, we can help you determine which course of action is right for you.

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