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Common Types of Conflicts that Mediation Can Help Resolve

Throughout the past few decades, mediation has grown from a new and novel way to settle a dispute to a preferred approach to certain types of cases. As legal costs continue to rise and lead to lengthy litigation that can … Continue reading

Litigated Divorce vs. Divorce Mediation: How are They Different?

For many decades, litigation was the primary way for parties to resolve complex legal disputes, including complicated divorce proceedings. But, in recent decades, the costs associated with attorney fees skyrocketed and courtroom caseloads got larger and larger, problems that continue … Continue reading

How to Properly Prepare for Mediation

If you’ve opted for mediation, it is most likely because other forms of dispute resolution haven’t worked for you. This isn’t to say that you’ve tried them all (after all, most people try mediation as an alternative to costly litigation), … Continue reading

Mediation to Stay Married

Anyone who’s ever been in a serious relationship knows how hard it can be to keep things on the rails. When couples fail to properly address these relationship problems, this can lead down the long, painful track of divorce. However, … Continue reading

Mediation: Does It Really Work?

To the public, mediation is a lesser-known area of legal practice. After all, there are television shows dedicated to courtroom antics, but mediation has not been as visibly thrust into the limelight as an alternative to litigation. In my practice, … Continue reading

4 Benefits of Using Mediation

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution that helps people resolve their disputes without a court hearing. The parties work with a mediator, who works with the parties to help guide them to their own resolutions. People across the country are … Continue reading

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