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Could having more money make divorce easier?

In previous posts, we have detailed the myriad challenges affluent couples can face when it comes to divorce. These challenges include disagreements over property valuation, lengthier divorce proceedings and traditional obstacles most people face, like child custody and support.

However, while having more money may create some challenges, it can alleviate others. In fact, having significant sums of money could make it a little easier to divorce -- as long as you use it to your advantage.

Easing financial strain

Divorce can have financial ramifications. Not only do parties divide their marital estate, they also spend money on things like legal, moving and financial expenses. In high-asset divorces, yes, there is more at stake. However, the cost of divorcing can be less damaging overall.

The downside of this is that contentious parties have massive resources at their disposal if they want to drag out the process or contest every motion.

Easier to make decisions

Dividing assets in a high-asset divorce can present logistical challenges. However, when parties can cooperate and focus on resolving property division fairly and in accordance with state laws, it can be easier to find solutions. Parties may not feel inclined to fight over every asset or hide property when there is plenty to go around and leave everyone comfortable.

Fewer fears

Many couples fear things like affording a new home, health care coverage and childcare expenses after divorce. When there is enough money to cover these and other expenses, parties can be less fearful about the property division process. Of course, there can be other reasons to be nervous or scared, but eliminating the threat of being destitute can be a great relief.

Money doesn't solve everything

These are just a few ways money can make divorce a little easier. However, it is crucial to note that having money is not going to solve everything. In fact, there are plenty of examples of couples who go through particularly bitter or lengthy divorces because there is so much money on the line.

As such, perhaps the most effective element in getting through a divorce is amicability. No matter how much money is involved, divorces involving amicable parties who prioritize peaceful solutions can prove to be easier and faster than other divorces.

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