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Avoid these missteps if you want an amicable divorce

People often worry that a divorce will be a lengthy, bitter legal battle that brings out the worst in all parties. However, this is not how divorce has to go. In fact, divorcing spouses can and do navigate divorces peacefully and in such a way that makes it easier to focus on a better future.

If you are hoping for this type of amicable approach in your own divorce, you should know that it is possible for many people. However, you will want to avoid certain missteps that can easily and quickly derail a peaceful divorce.

Mistake #1: Refusing to work together

Working together is a major element in most amicable divorces. When parties are willing to work through matters together in settings like mediation, it can be easier to secure an agreeable settlement. When people do not or cannot work together, the matter can go to the courts for resolution, which can lead to less satisfactory solutions and a more contentious process.

Mistake #2: Venting online

It is natural to want to talk about your ex or the divorce process. However, venting your frustration and anger online can easily get back to the other party. Depending on what you say, you could inadvertently affect negotiations or hurt your ex's feelings to such an extent that he or she is no longer willing to pursue peaceful dispute resolution options.

Mistake #3: Not speaking up

Whether you are in a courtroom or mediation, you should know what you want and ask for it. If you think something is unfair, speak up. If you want a specific piece of property, say so. If you feel like spousal support seems appropriate, ask for it. Doing so tactfully (and with an understanding of what you might give up in return) can help you secure the outcome you want without having to take the matter before the courts.

Mistake #4: Assuming you don't need legal support

Even if you and your soon-to-be ex are on amicable terms, divorce is a legal matter and involves complex elements. As such, having legal representation throughout the process can be critical. An attorney can explain your rights, negotiate on your behalf and help you avoid legal missteps that could extend the process or create more problems.

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