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Tips for when custody issues go from inconvenient to unlawful

Sharing custody of a child after a divorce can present numerous complications. And for many families, it takes some time to work out confusion and adjust to a new normal.

However, it is important not to mistake incidental issues or transitional hiccups for violations of a custody order. If you share custody of your child, it can be helpful to know what a serious violation looks like and what you can do should one occur.

Could having more money make divorce easier?

In previous posts, we have detailed the myriad challenges affluent couples can face when it comes to divorce. These challenges include disagreements over property valuation, lengthier divorce proceedings and traditional obstacles most people face, like child custody and support.

However, while having more money may create some challenges, it can alleviate others. In fact, having significant sums of money could make it a little easier to divorce -- as long as you use it to your advantage.

3 ways infidelity can affect a Georgia divorce

Marriages can end for any number of reasons. One particularly common reason that people decide to file for divorce is when one party has been unfaithful.

Whether infidelity was an isolated incident or ongoing affair, it can cause irreparable harm to the marital union. In these situations, adultery can lead to divorce; it can also affect multiple issues parties must resolve in a divorce. 

3 tips for co-parenting and creating a new normal

Highly charged, emotional events such as separation and divorce bring out the worst in people. As you muddle through the details of dividing assets and property, you must also work out arrangements to divide your time with the children.

Coming to grips with time sharing and co-parenting may turn out to take an emotional toll even on the steadiest person. Can two people who do not see eye-to-eye cooperate when it comes to parenting children? Try these suggestions to help make co-parenting less stressful.

Do I need to worry about hidden assets in my divorce?

People often have numerous fears and concerns when they are going through divorce. They may worry about everything from child custody to who will get the house or vacation property. And this uncertainty can only grow if you are going through a complex, high-asset divorce.

In these cases, many anxieties stem from financial matters. For instance, you might be fearful that your soon-to-be ex could be hiding assets.

Tips for surviving the holidays as a newly-divorced parent

The holidays are here. This can be a stressful time of year for anyone, but it can be particularly challenging for newly-divorced parents. Not only is it tricky to adjust to new schedules and traditions, it is also difficult to figure out the financial details and obligations that come with celebrating the holidays with children after a divorce.

Below are some tips that can help parents in this situation:

Staying close after divorce: is it wise?

Figuring out how to raise children together with an ex is a complicated process. There is no one right way to do it, which means parents must figure out for themselves what type of arrangement will work best for their family.

One particularly difficult element to navigate is deciding how close parents should be after a split or divorce. To decide what might be best for your family, consider the following two scenarios:

3 ways to preserve privacy in a high-asset divorce

If you are getting ready to file for divorce in Atlanta, you may want to work on preserving your privacy. You see and hear about nasty divorce battles where one or both parties say cruel things about each other and air their private business in the process. The things you say and the way you act during a divorce can compromise your negotiating power, outcome and privacy.

It is not impossible to keep your personal and financial information private during a divorce. With the following suggestions and the big picture in mind, you can better maintain your privacy in a high-value divorce.

Avoid these missteps if you want an amicable divorce

People often worry that a divorce will be a lengthy, bitter legal battle that brings out the worst in all parties. However, this is not how divorce has to go. In fact, divorcing spouses can and do navigate divorces peacefully and in such a way that makes it easier to focus on a better future.

If you are hoping for this type of amicable approach in your own divorce, you should know that it is possible for many people. However, you will want to avoid certain missteps that can easily and quickly derail a peaceful divorce.

What can I expect from the child custody process in Georgia?

Some of the difficult emotions with which parents struggle during child custody disputes stem from (or are exacerbated by) an unfamiliarity with the legal process. Parents may be guided by mistaken beliefs or anecdotal recounts from friends and family that are not relevant to their case.

To alleviate some of the anxiety you might be feeling if you are a parent about to go through a divorce, and to help you better prepare for the process, we will explain some basic information about child custody in Georgia.

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