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Before You Cheat… Think!


Why are people getting divorced today? Many think the reason for divorce is an affair. As divorce attorneys, we’ve seen and heard it all, and the cause of a divorce is not because of the affair.

In the case an affair is involved, we think that cheating is sometimes the end result of putting off the inevitable—divorce. Usually (not always) the marriage was over long before the person decided to cheat. Whether he or she was the cheater or the cheated, prior reasons spurred that individual to take that unfortunate step to the cheat.

Couples stay in bad marriages too long. The reasons for “sticking it out” for so long can vary, but many common fears of taking the step to divorce are are being alone, financial consequences or affecting the children.

Each of these fears is understandable, but we encourage you to think before you cheat! An affair will only make the divorce messier, and leave your spouse and children confused and disappointed.

If you are tempted to go down the cheating road—stop—discuss your marital issues to find a solution or start the divorce process. Be fair to your family, and think before you make any big decisions.

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