How Mediation Can Help You During Divorce Proceedings

Besides representing our own clients, our office offers mediation services for others going through family law matters. Mediation offers those going through a legal conflict the opportunity to resolve matters out of court, saving time, money and needless stress. At Reese-Beisbier & Associates, P.C., our trained and certified mediators work closely with both parties and their attorneys to reach a resolution without litigation. Our attorneys are trained and certified to mediate both civil and domestic cases.

Why Should I Consider Mediation During My Divorce?

Mediation of most family law legal matters is required in each county in Georgia. Court trials are emotionally and financially draining and can last for several days, incurring thousands of dollars. Mediation costs far less and is very informal compared to court. Mediation also limits further damage to relationships. We understand that parties need to continue communicating with each other after legal matters are resolved. It is very difficult to have a working relationship with someone after spending hours in a courtroom telling the judge or jury about the other person's faults. Working out your settlement with our mediators allows you the opportunity to avoid this confrontational atmosphere.

Unlike a judge or jury, who may not feel the same concern as you on issues important to you, a mediator will help you reach a resolution that addresses your unique needs and circumstances. Mediation allows you to control the results and mold the outcome you want for your case. Resolving your case quickly and cost-effectively also lets you move on with your life sooner.

What Should I Expect From Mediation?

Our firm's lawyers are trained facilitators, acting as third-party mediators. They focus on helping both parties reach an agreement.

At mediation, parties are expected to fully disclose all assets and liabilities and work diligently to resolve all issues. The mediator helps facilitate document and information exchanges between the parties.

Once a consensus is reached on all matters relevant to the divorce, the mediator assists both parties in drafting a written, binding agreement. It is then signed and presented to the court with other required documents, eliminating the need for a trial.

If our office hosts your mediation, each party is provided a private conference room. We ensure a comfortable mediation environment, providing snacks and meals throughout the process.

Learn More About Our Approach To Mediation

We mediate cases in Forsyth County and Fulton County, as well as in more than 30 counties across Georgia. Call us at our office in Cumming at 678-947-2988 to schedule mediation.