Advocating For You In High-Asset Divorce Cases

Divorce cases for high-asset couples are not structurally different from those with fewer means, but they frequently are more complex and present more potential points of conflict, such as conflict over property division or business division. You have worked hard to build and maintain your estate, so it is only natural to worry about what life will be like after the divorce is finalized.

At Reese-Beisbier & Associates, P.C., we have represented numerous high-asset divorce clients. We have represented primary breadwinners, primary estate caretakers and spouses who shared a business or jointly owned other complex, high-value assets. Our lawyers can assist you in the evaluation of complex assets such as:

  • Retirement plans, including 401(k)s and pensions
  • Stocks, bonds and international bank accounts
  • Houses, condominiums, vacation homes or real estate investments
  • Valuable collections such as stamps, coins, rare books or works of art
  • Watercraft and private jets
  • Closely held business interests

We Have The Connections To Gather Accurate Information

Our firm has the network of connections to hire the right experts to ensure all of the marital assets in your divorce are evaluated and appraised accurately. We regularly work with a team of experts in high-asset divorce cases that include:

  • Forensic accountants
  • Professional appraisers
  • Pension valuation professionals
  • Business valuation specialists
  • Personal property appraisers

Beyond needing an accurate valuation of your assets, these experts offer opinions on how your marital estate should be divided. Expert involvement and opinions play a crucial role in the final allocation of assets and debts.

Protecting Your Future Financial Well-Being

We consider your needs for the future during divorce settlement negotiations or litigation. If alimony is a factor in your case and it appears you need to pay it, we will ensure it is a fair amount and for a fair amount of time.

If alimony is a necessity to allow time to grow your earning power or protect your current standard of living, we will make sure it is discussed during mediation and in trial.

We will also advocate for a level of child support required under the law and that allows you and your children to thrive and move forward with your life, whether you are paying the child support or receiving it.

Come To Us For Trustworthy Divorce Advice And Representation

Based in Cumming, Georgia, and serving Forsyth and Fulton counties and the surrounding areas, our firm will help you envision and negotiate a positive post-divorce future. Call us at 678-947-2988 or email through our rapid-response online form to set up an initial appointment with one of our attorneys.