Determining Child Custody And Visitation Arrangements

Crafting an agreement around child custody and visitation can produce some of the most emotionally intense aspects of your divorce. Georgia courts must consider "the best interests of the children" in their custody and divorce decisions, and that principle should also guide you and your spouse.

At Reese-Beisbier & Associates, P.C., we emphasize negotiated settlements for divorce issues, including custody and visitation, because we believe it is the optimal solution for most families. Settlement and mediation are less expensive than a litigated divorce, and often less stressful. Our attorneys will examine your case and work with you to obtain the custody arrangement that is best for you and your children. If your spouse is not reasonable in negotiations, our highly regarded litigators are ready to fight in court for you and your children.

Two Different Types Of Custody: Physical And Legal

The divorce court will consider two different types of custody for your children: legal and physical. Legal custody refers to which parent is responsible for making major life decisions on behalf of the children such as religion, education, medical treatment and extracurricular activities. Physical custody refers to the time children spend living with each parent. Legal custody is usually shared between the parties. Depending on the factual situation for the family, physical custody can be shared jointly as well.

The end product of custody negotiations is usually a parenting plan, which covers:

  • The basic calendar for parenting time with each parent
  • A calendar for sharing birthdays, vacations and holidays
  • How the parents will resolve conflicts over decision-making in areas where they have joint legal custody
  • Any limitations on parenting time due to conduct of a parent, such substance abuse, anger issues, etc.

Every Custody Case Is Unique

Some parents have challenges in their lives that can make parenting time difficult, from something as simple as having a career with an inflexible or odd work schedule to a substance abuse problem. Our lawyers can advise you on the best ways to address any issues you may have that are making parenting time a challenge in your divorce, which may include modifying an agreement after a divorce.

We Will Stand Up For Your Custody Rights

Your relationship with your children is precious. Our firm will ensure you have time to nurture and care for your children after divorce. Call our office in Cumming at 678-947-2988 or email us via our contact form to set up an appointment to discuss your options.