If Your Marriage Ends, We Are Your Divorce Solution Provider

Beyond the emotional difficulty of ending a marriage, divorce brings with it scores of details related to disentangling your shared life together that must be settled before you can move on with your future. There are decisions that must be made about the time each parent will spend with the children, as well as tough financial decisions that must be reached about asset and debt division, business division (if applicable) and other topics.

"What will my future look like?" is one of the most common questions we hear at our law firm, Reese-Beisbier & Associates, P.C. Our attorneys help clients reshape the path ahead of them by providing informed legal advice, stellar mediation/negotiation skills and innovative ideas for fair and equitable divorce terms. Our attorneys are all skilled trial attorneys who will fight in court if your spouse is not reasonable in settlement negotiations.

We Can Help You At Many Stages Of The Divorce Process

People who have not gone through a divorce may view it as a single event — the day you receive your decree — but it is a process that is composed of many decision points and legal components. The lawyers at our firm can help you throughout your divorce process, including at these critical junctures:

  1. When you need to determine custody and visitation plans for your children so you can co-parent with your ex-spouse effectively
  2. When you need to ask for alimony for financial support, or when you have been asked to pay alimony
  3. When there are substantial assets to be divided, including but not limited to real property (land, houses, commercial buildings, etc.), personal property and a closely held business interest
  4. When your divorce has been finalized but you need a post-divorce modification to more closely address your current situation

Whether you are in a highly contested divorce with many assets or one with fewer hot-button issues and fewer assets to be distributed, we can help you. We will focus on you and take the time to attend to each detail, so you can regroup and move forward from your divorce with confidence.

Your Case Is Personal To Us — Contact Us Today

Our firm will take your case personally and provide you with answers you need for questions about maintaining your family's well-being. Call us at our office in Cumming at 678-947-2988 or reach out to us using our online form. We serve clients in Forsyth County, Fulton County and the surrounding areas in Georgia.