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4 Benefits of Using Mediation


Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution that helps people resolve their disputes without a court hearing. The parties work with a mediator, who works with the parties to help guide them to their own resolutions.

People across the country are increasingly turning to mediation to help them resolve their issues. As an alternative to litigation, it helps parties work together to form agreements in a structured setting and based in reason. Here at Reese-Beisbier & Associates, we believe that disputing parties can settle even the most complex cases through mediation.

Below are 4 primary benefits that stem from choosing mediation over other forms of dispute resolution.

1. Save Time and Money

Court cases can get expensive quickly! With all the work that goes into preparing for litigation, filing and answering complaints, filing motions, discovery and the actual trial, it can sometimes take years to complete a lawsuit. With mediation, the parties can resolve their disputes much more quickly and efficiently.

2. Eliminate the Mental Anguish

The process of going to court can also cause a lot of stress and can leave litigants feeling frustrated and exhausted. Mediation is a more positive experience than litigation and can eliminate some of the bad feelings that arise within prolonged litigation.

3.  Mutually Agreed-Upon Settlements

In litigation and arbitration, the people involved in the dispute present their cases in front of a third party, who makes a legally binding decision. However, in mediation, the parties themselves work together to agree to a resolution. Studies show that people who work together through mediation to come to an agreement also have a higher probability of following through on their commitments under the agreement.

4. Avoidance of Negative Outcomes

At its core, mediation is housed in the idea that the parties can come to a “win-win” resolution, as opposed to the “win-lose” or “lose-lose” situations that occur as a result of many lawsuits. Because the parties are working together, they can make compromises and reach results that are acceptable and, in some cases, mutually beneficial to both parties.

These are only some of the known benefits of mediating a dispute. If you’re considering mediation, contact our firm to learn more about how the trained mediators at Reese-Beisbier & Associates can help you.

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